What We Do

Levant Foods is a food business based in Hong Kong, focusing on sourcing, importing, marketing and distribution of premium Mediterranean foods.

We specialise in sourcing foods and ingredients from the beautiful East Mediterranean region, rich with history, tradition and an ancient food culture that is established and loved worldwide. 


We import, stock and supply business in Hong Kong and Macao. We service both wholesale customers as well as end-user customer such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering and food production.


Levant Foods is the exclusive agent and distributor for a number of leading Greek, Cypriot and Middle Eastern brands in Hong Kong and Macau.


We provide marketing and sales support for all our brands and products to our distribution partners, as well as to the end-users, such as chefs, restaurant managers and supermarket buyers. 


Besides what we stock, we also custom source any product from our sourcing area on behalf of third parties.

Our sourcing philosophy

At the heart of what we do, is our ability to uncover 'food gems' for our customers and the wider public looking for great products. 

We follow a number of principles which give us distinct advantages: namely our ability to deliver products in an excellent condition, with the least possible handling and with most of their shelf life intact, and all this, with the least possible environmental impact.

Levant Foods works directly with producers and we avoid going through 'middle-men'. We source products from their respective countries of origin, ensuring authenticity and respect for the tradition and culture of those communities.

An incredibly dedicated team

Our aim is to offer an incredible experience to our customers and our partners. The products are only one aspect of what makes up this experience, the other being the way our company interacts with people. We are determined to make sure that every interaction is an honest and positive one.


We do this because we love great food and we subscribe to the values inherent in the Mediterranean way of life - Enjoyment of life, family and friends and the deep culture of the region. We aspire to always be well informed, passionate, honest and respectful.

Grilled halloumi cheese

Grilled halloumi cheese

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